International workshop on spatial data quality

The final workshop of the 4-year GEOIDE project looking at law, ethics and quality issues related to geospatial data took place in Quebec City on May 18th, right after the GSDI 13 conference. The “International workshop on geospatial data quality – Legal, ethical and technical aspects“, co-organized by Marc Gervais, Tania Roy and Rodolphe Devillers, has involved about 50 people from a number of countries (e.g. Canada, USA, The Netherlands, UK, Belgium, France, Australia, Poland) and sectors (academia, industry and government). The workshop started by a keynote address from Prof Yvan Bédard, discussing the need for geospatial data producer to share their data in a more ethical manner, and encouraging academics to play a role in improving the situation. A number of speakers presented various interesting perspectives on the topic. A new code of ethics for 3D spatial data was officially released during the day, resulting from a consultation between various Canadian stakeholders. The day has ended with a panel discussion on legal and ethical questions related to Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI). The panel discussion, facilitated by Roger Longhorn, has involved Profs David Coleman, Teresa Scassa, Michael Goodchild, and Harlan Onsrud and led to very interesting discussions and perspectives. It was a very interesting day and presentations will soon be made available on a Website (to be announced).

GSDI papers

We have two extended abstracts accepted at the next Global Geospatial Conference / GSDI World Conference that will take place in May in Quebec City, Canada (see additions in the Publications section). One of the paper summarizes the work accomplished in our GEOIDE project during the past four years. The second one will present some of the work done by Dr Garnett Wilson (post-doc) on the improvement of geographic information retrieval, the work being also part of the GEOIDE project. In addition, a chapter discussing the history of the GEOIDE Students’ Network and Summer School will be published in a book edited by the GEOIDE network titled “The added value of scientific networking” to be released at the same conference.