How grandmas can now map the world!

While the name of our lab is “Marine Geomatics Research Lab”, a lot of our activities are not related to the marine world. The second most important research focus from our group is looking at assessing and improving the quality of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI). This term coined by Michael Goodchild refers to the “the widespread engagement of large numbers of private citizens, often with little in the way of formal qualifications, in the creation of geographic information.” In other terms, VGI is how geographic information can now be gathered by anyone, even by people that have never eared about words like projections, geoid or georeferencing!

While crowdsourcing of geographic information has led to important changes, issues related to the quality of this information remain. This is why our team works on different aspects to assess and improve the quality of VGI. Recently, Dr Arnaud Vandecasteele, post-doctoral fellow in our group, gave a talk on this subject, presenting a new tool he developed to help contributors during the editing process. His presentation is available online and you are encouraged to leave a comment to share your point of view.