TASSE (Terrain Attribute Selection for Spatial Ecology) toolbox for ArcGIS, version 1.1
This ArcGIS toolbox allows to generate an optimal combination of six terrain attributes that can be used in diverse ecological studies. Each attribute extracts unique information from the terrain, their combination accounting for most of the topographic structure.

The six terrain attributes are: (1) relative deviation from mean value (a measure of relative position that can identify peaks and pits), (2) standard deviation (a measure of rugosity), (3) easterness and (4) northerness (measures of aspect or orientation of the slope), (5) slope and (6) local mean.

Download the TASSE toolbox

To cite:
v. 1.1: Lecours, V. (2017) Terrain Attribute Selection for Spatial Ecology (TASSE), v.1.1, URL

v. 1.0: Lecours, V. (2015) Terrain Attribute Selection for Spatial Ecology (TASSE), v.1.0, URL

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